The Elite Performance Checklist

By Craig Wiley
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A CEO's Guide to Driving Exceptional Results

Elite performance is often defined as the act of excelling at one’s job or generating monetary success. This is a half-truth.

A company’s future depends on an unending pursuit of what’s next and the ability to reinvent how you get there. There is a clear distinction between a leader who is good at their job and one who exemplifies and inspires elite performance.

Creating high-growth organizations begins with the adoption of an executive lens that moves toward leveraging the unpredictable rather than defending against it. By proactively embedding change and practicing a forward-thinking mindset, CEOs can build and fuel an ecosystem that outperforms the competition and accelerates value creation even in the most disruptive scenarios.

Below, you’ll find a checklist of characteristics we’ve compiled over 20+ years of developing and advising CEOs who are performing at the top of their game. How close are you to becoming an elite CEO? Or are you already there?

An infographic going over Elite CEO performance mindsets.

Clear Vision and Strategy

Executive Cadence

Enterprise-Focused Executive Team

Personal Conditioning

Relationships Beyond Work

Data Consciousness

Elite CEO performance is about the mindsets, processes, focus, and innovative approaches that will spur lasting change and drive value creation. 

It entails moving away from a static leadership paradigm into a dynamic CEO growth paradigm, where you respond today to the changing landscapes of tomorrow.

Transcend wants to accelerate your CEO story. We use nine foundational competencies as cornerstones of executive coaching, focusing on both the relational and tactical areas of elite performance to cover every characteristic on the checklist above. If you left any boxes unchecked, we have you covered, turning opportunities into strengths that will transform your approach to work and life while accelerating growth in the company you lead.

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The CEO Toolbox

Resources designed to help C-Suite leaders activate transformation and drive elite performance.

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Craig Wiley

CEO of Transcend

As the CEO and founder of Transcend, I’ve had the privilege of helping to transform thousands of C-Suite leaders and their businesses over the span of two decades. As an executive coaching expert and business strategy thought leader, I’m passionate about driving continual innovation through our proven suite of nine solutions to support the advancement of modern leadership.

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