Proactively Reaching Toward Change

By Craig Wiley

Are you feeling the pressures of constant change on your business?


If we’ve learned anything from the past three years, it’s that massive change can happen in an instant without warning and that the effects of impact can linger for months, if not years to come. So if you’re losing sleep over managing the immediacy of challenges while executing the daily needs of the business, then this Forbes article from Craig Wiley, CEO of Transcend, is for you.

When C-suite leaders take a step back to rethink how they can sustainably restructure or re-resource their organizations to exceed challenges and leverage opportunities for growth, they are better able to harness the superpowers of agility and resilience to thrive in high-change environments. Creating high-growth organizations in our new era begins with the adoption of an executive lens that moves toward leveraging the unpredictable rather than defending against it. By proactively embedding change and innovation resources, executives can stimulate an ecosystem that outperforms industry standards even in the most trying of times.

This Forbes article outlines four executive recommendations to ensure you are creating a competitive advantage by closing change-induced gaps and upgrading your business resilience and agility.

Read the full Forbes article.

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Craig Wiley

CEO of Transcend

As the CEO and founder of Transcend, I’ve had the privilege of helping to transform thousands of C-Suite leaders and their businesses over the span of two decades. As an executive coaching expert and business strategy thought leader, I’m passionate about driving continual innovation through our proven suite of nine solutions to support the advancement of modern leadership.

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