Four Strategies to ‘Win’ In A Downturn: Never Stop Playing Offense

By Craig Wiley

Feel the shadow of a recession looming? Leading in a downturn can feel unstable, but if you strategize well, you can come out winning. 


The latest Forbes contribution by our CEO, Craig Wiley gives you 4 practical strategies you can put in place now to enable real business growth during a downturn.

You’re certainly not alone in the feelings of anxiety that come with the very real global volatility we are experiencing. However, there is an opportunity for CEOs to reimagine how they position their businesses, turning instability on its head to create a lasting competitive advantage. It takes courage to play offense and generate growth when others are battening down the hatches. Even so, unique dynamics exist within downturns that enable leaders to reposition their business ahead of the pack.

Read more to find out how to play offensive and utilize strategies that will create maximum acceleration while others cut back, ensuring fiscal responsibility as you go.

Read the full Forbes article.


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Craig Wiley

CEO of Transcend

As the CEO and founder of Transcend, I’ve had the privilege of helping to transform thousands of C-Suite leaders and their businesses over the span of two decades. As an executive coaching expert and business strategy thought leader, I’m passionate about driving continual innovation through our proven suite of nine solutions to support the advancement of modern leadership.

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