Transcend COVID-19 Webinar

By Craig Wiley

How to Play COVID-19 Offense

Presented by Craig Wiley, Founder & CEO Transcend

COVID-19 has disrupted every business and executives are either actively playing defense or determining what the surge of increased business means to their future roadmap. The reality is COVID-19 accelerated the business trends and changes we knew were already on the 5- to 10-year horizon. Regardless of business challenge or success, getting back to a pre-COVID state is not the goal. Now’s the time for executives to play offense.

Watch this webinar to learn how to leverage this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play offense in a new and inspiring way. This one-hour session will be full of insights you need to play offense during this unprecedented time in business.

  • Learn about the mega trends, core challenges, and offensive controls you need during times of uncertainty.
  • Realign your executive mindset with two powerful coaching frames and tools.
  • Access elite business expertise to target your next big business move and reshape your mid-range strategy.
  • Invigorate your natural offense-mindset to unlock what you do best.

Here’s what executives are saying about this webinar:

Transcend is an executive consulting company offering coaching and business performance services to companies ranging from Fortune 100 to well-funded startups. Transcend has leveraged 15 years of executive transformation to create a suite of services that target key profit and performance areas including executive team effectiveness, innovative strategic planning, business agility, talent management, and employee engagement. As a fearless ally, we crystalize executive vision into reality, turn metrics into meaning, and unlock human potential to drive competitive advantage.

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Craig Wiley

CEO of Transcend

As the CEO and founder of Transcend, I’ve had the privilege of helping to transform thousands of C-Suite leaders and their businesses over the span of two decades. As an executive coaching expert and business strategy thought leader, I’m passionate about driving continual innovation through our proven suite of nine solutions to support the advancement of modern leadership.

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