A CEO’s Guide To Building An Enterprise-Focused Executive Team

By Craig Wiley

A CEO’s Guide To Building An Enterprise-Focused Executive Team

The top of so many CEO’s wishlists and dream business achievements is their executive unit working at an enterprise level. As Transcend has empowered executive teams to reach new heights, making strides towards their vision for the company, we’ve ascertained how executive leaders can reach an enterprise-first mindset.

In this Forbes article Craig Wiley, Transcend’s CEO, discusses four actions a CEO must take to create an enterprise-focused team:

  • Focus on enterprise, team, and self, in that order
  • Redefine the definition of ‘primary’ team for your executives
  • Reshape your problem-solving strategies, both long-range and real-time
  • Make the enterprise-focused team your reality

The article walks you through the steps to move your executives towards becoming a high-performing, enterprise-focused team.

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Craig Wiley

CEO of Transcend

As the CEO and founder of Transcend, I’ve had the privilege of helping to transform thousands of C-Suite leaders and their businesses over the span of two decades. As an executive coaching expert and business strategy thought leader, I’m passionate about driving continual innovation through our proven suite of nine solutions to support the advancement of modern leadership.

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