How Executives Can Prioritize Rejuvenation in 2022

By Jaci Reed

Want to know the secret to thriving at work and in life in 2022?

To perform at his or her best, every elite athlete knows that taking time for reflection and rejuvenation is critical to elevating performance and thriving during the most challenging competitions. Taking the time to step back, evaluate, and recharge is just as critical for high-performing executives, yet many struggle to make room for rejuvenation at the top of their to do lists. 

In this video, senior executive coach Jaci Reed discusses the importance of making time for rejuvenation and explains how to make it a priority in three simple steps. As the year comes to close, there is no better time than to take time for yourself and prepare to make 2022 your year to thrive in work and life.

How often do you spend time in rejuvenation? What if I told you that rejuvenation is not a “nice to have” but a “must have” for executives?

At Transcend we see executives as elite athletes. Elite athletes need time and opportunity to recharge and repair in order to perform at their highest levels. For the executive, rejuvenation is that repair mechanism. Basic human psychology would tell us that when we spend time on that repair, we are more resilient and perform at our highest and best.

But HOW do you rejuvenate when you have constant obligations both at work and at home? Bottomline: Put yourself on your to do list.

Step 1: Explore your history with rejuvenation and identify how you view rejuvenation currently. Maybe you’ve intentionally focused time to rejuvenate in the past but have fallen out of the habit. Maybe you’ve never really set aside time to rejuvenate. Maybe you spend time rejuvenating now but feel like it’s not enough. Maybe you believe you don’t have time for rejuvenation. Try to think about when have you felt rejuvenated? What kinds of activities rejuvenated you?

Step 2: No matter where you are with rejuvenation currently, define what rejuvenation would look for you and imagine what becomes possible within your business and life if you intentionally set aside time for rejuvenation. If you spent time working out in the morning or took a walk in nature or went golfing weekly with your spouse, or had a monthly friend get-together, or had a weekly massage, would you feel more rested? Focused? Happier? Tolerate more? Less stress? More energy? How much is that small bit of time spent rejuvenating worth then?

Step 3: Schedule time on your calendar at regular intervals specifically for rejuvenation. You might be thinking I don’t have time in my schedule to do that. However, we prioritize what is important to us. Are there ways to adjust your routine to fit rejuvenation into your busy life? Wake up 30 minutes early, set aside a daily 30-minute no meeting time, schedule recurring activities weekly or monthly that bring you rejuvenation.

Whether it’s with others or by yourself, the act of rejuvenation is essential to renew, recharge and awaken all that is within you. It is worth the thoughtfulness and intentionality it requires. It is what will bring you new energy to tackle the hard stuff and ensure your health and wellbeing in the process.

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Jaci Reed's profile picture.

Jaci Reed

Senior Executive Coach and Strategist

Jaci holds master’s degrees in behavioral psychology and organizational development. She is a senior HR-certified professional (SHRM-SCP), certified Prosci change management practitioner, certified ATD consultant, and certified employee engagement specialist.

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