Most business leaders would see this type of investment as optional but that would be a mistake — it is necessary. With the right team and system to share feedback with each other the limits of what is possible are increased. I have more confidence the business will operate the way I want it to even if I am not making all the day-to-day decisions. The team is able to confidently make decisions and move the business forward.

Fred Cochran
CEO & Founder, Insula Companies

Once you get a taste, you’ll never go back. If you’re struggling with anything on the strategic or executive level within your organization, you can’t afford not to pull the trigger on Transcend. I’ve always been wary of silver bullet solutions but Transcend is pretty damn close. Your organization will think you’re the smartest executive in the room after you hire Transcend.

Kenny Rosenblatt
President, Arkadium
If the time has come to make changes in an organization, Transcend can facilitate the creation of an informed and cohesive plan built around the leadership’s vision while keeping firmly planted in the reality of what it takes for that vision to succeed.
Nancy Novokmet
Managing Partner, NEED

The work I did with my coach at Transcend was transformational, it completely changed the lens through which I view opportunities in life. Using several of Transcend’s frameworks, we established focused and specific pathways to translate my performance into impact professionally and personally.

Tracy Thomm
VP Product Development, CRC Companies
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