Empower at the Level of Execution

Leading is more than having control or the greatest authority.

The truest distinction of an effective executive is one that empowers their talent to be the CEO of their role.

In today’s Executive Approach video, Tim Flemming discusses how this technique increases innovation, productivity, and engagement while forcing you, the leader, to keep up with transformation cascading through your teams and company.

Discover how to break free from the outdated model of control-based leadership and become the executive your company needs.

Hi, I’m Tim Flemming, a coach with Transcend. There’s been a long history of leaders and businesses who have embraced control and authority as a way to drive results. We all know that this is an outdated model. However, it can be tough to break free from. So, today I’m here to tell you about a simple approach in order to do so and unlock your greatest catalysts of business performance, innovation, and productivity. That is to empower your people at the level of execution.

As a leader, your role is to articulate the vision, set clear expectations, and then empower your people to perform. Once you have built clarity for the vision and expectations of the project, ask your people to create the execution plan and truly become the CEO of their role, because, by design, they know the details of their role better than you. You will see innovation increase, productivity increase, engagement increase, but it’s going to require you to set up the right system for upfront alignment, execution planning, and check-in structures that promote trust and support. This approach will begin to unlock your talent’s full potential, and, by using this approach, your people are going to evolve.

From what we’ve seen working inside businesses, they’re going to evolve quickly and we actually see them outpace leadership’s evolution. So you, as the leader, you’re going to need to evolve with your people. Reach out to transcend.

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